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The formulary A1 has arrived. All the students should be careful while filling it in.

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Contain important information that should be read as soon as possible.

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The school’s newspaper"Ismaili” is considered to be a reflection of opinions of the senate, students, teachers and council of parents. Inside this newspaper you will find rubrics related to life in high school, social and scientific subjects, informatics, final exams of high school, sportive and cultural activities and also literary compositions.

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Greetings from the director Vojsava Thanasi

Welcome in our website. What you are seeing is a guide of the “Ismail Qemali” high school. You will be informed about the past and the present of our school, which is one of the best in our Republic.
I hope to build the future together.


"Mature shteterore"
is a general standard of evaluation for entering in university.

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the curriculum

The new curriculum includes:
the reformation of programs, books, teaching, the qualification of the teachers and the results of the students.

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The secretary
The library
The dentist/doctor
The psychologist

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